The following artists are needed

Actors male/female, all ethnicities, age 8 to 80

Writers of Poems/Raps, Monologues, Short Plays (10-20 min)  Full Length Plays
Click  Here for Guidelines

Storytellers-- Write and/or perform/read a Climate Change Story

Visual Artists in All Mediums--Paintings, Sculpture, Jewelry, Wearable Art,

Fabric Artists for
Tempestry Project

Path would like to work with a master knitter in Central AZ to create a
piece of knitting art that shows temperature changes in the area from the first year of record keeping
to the year 2019.  Path will pay for materials and knitter will donate their valuable time and talent.
The piece would be auctioned Oct. 17, 2020 as part of a fund raiser.

Video/Film on Climate Change

Directors, Acting Coaches

Symposium Speakers with Knowledge of and Interest in Climate Change.

What it is, Causes, Adaptation/Mitigation and the Future
Climate Change and Global Conflict
Spiritual  and Political Considerations
A Student's Perspective

Technicians/Designers:  Sound, Lighting, Stage Management, Set Design, Roadies

Staff:  Steering Committee including committee chairs for Fund Raising, Marketing
Recording Secretary

Email if interested.

The Artist's Path will be in fund raising mode for the duration of this cycle --Spring 2020 through Fall 2021.  
It is our plan to pay an honorarium to our artists, writers, speakers, technicians at the end of this period.
The final event is planned for late
October  2021 at The Elks Theater in Prescott, AZ.