Guidelines for Writers


Deadline:    November 15, 2020
Send as PDF attachment to

Covers Sheet:  Name, address, email address.  Landline and/or Cell. Copyright Date

Format:  Use any accepted formatting for theater pieces except for poetry of course.  Do not use an ornate font.
Visit for more details.  Please number each page and title of piece on each page.

‘Path’ is looking for pieces written from the perspective of people, animals and/or objects.  This might include people who are currently at
risk:  think island nations for flooding, Californians/Australians at risk from wildfires,  numerous animals/plants  on the endangered species
list (currently over 30,000) and objects such as glaciers at risk of melting, islands disappearing, clean air, clean water, rivers,  even
casting your net wider, Mother Earth.

In the poetry category ‘Path’ would particularly like to see work appropriate for the aggressive, staccato delivery of slam poetry or rap.  
That said, other approaches are welcome.

Monologues and Short Plays should be no longer than ten minutes with minimal staging requirements.

Full length play.  Prefer Act One- 60-90 min.  Act Two  30-45 min  Or one 90 min piece, no intermission. No more than five characters.  
Music may be a part of this as long as it incurs no cost.  Again, where possible, think minimalist in regard to tech areas.

‘Path’ is looking for works that make us Laugh, Cry, Think, and Inspire us to Act-- very tall order indeed.  We would like to see pieces that
tear us apart emotionally and perhaps, if it works, puts us back together, giving us at least some hope.  Maybe a piece finds a way to
poke fun at the insanity and illogical thinking of humanity as it shoots itself in the foot over and over and suddenly we erupt in wry laughter
at our collective selves.  The foregoing paragraph is meant to be suggestive and not prescriptive.

The inclusion of pieces will be decided by a small group working on the project.  Compensation may or may not be offered depending on
the final  financial outcomes of the project.  So if compensation is possible,  payment would not be until the completion of the project in the
fall of 2021.
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